Rapid Kit: the easiest and fastest way for testing coliphages in water

Bluephage provides its customers with the necessary and disruptive elements for a new approach to water analysis that will revolutionise the way the world monitors water quality, making it the closest technique to real-time monitoring.

The Rapid Kit


All-in-one and ready-to-use kits. Free-agar technology. No need for overnight plating and manual reading.


High sensitivity and specificity.



20 minutes of hands-on time. Simplifies and improves the coliphage detection process.


Results in record time. Analysis and detection of coliphages in less than 6,5h. The closest technique for real-time monitoring.

Are you ready to streamline the process of routine water testing for coliphages?

Rapid Kit

Somatic Coliphage Rapid Kit

Presence/absence kit designed for specific detection of somatic coliphages in 100 mL of water.

For clean water

• Sample volume 100mL
• 50 assays.
• Kit content:

R 50 vials with Escherichia coli host strain
R 10 vials with PhiX174 bacteriophage.
R 50 test flasks with culture media
R 50 test flasks with culture media

Rapid Kit Specifications

Hands-on time < 20 min
Test time < 6.5 h
Incubation conditions 1h at (36±2)ºC
5h at (30±2)ºC
Shelf Life 1 year
Storage conditions Biological Material vials (E.coli & positive control) at -20 ºC
Bottle BP test (culture media) at room temperature
Validation performed with drinking water, ground water, surface water and effluent (primary and secondary)
LOD 15 pfu / 100 mL
Sensitivity 96%
Specificity 100%

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