Biological material for the
enumeration of F-specific coliphages

(Usable with the ISO 10705-1 method)

Bacteriophage: F-specific Coliphages
Method: ISO 10705-1

This kit has been designed for its use in the detection and enumeration of F-specific coliphages according to the ISO 10705-1 method. This reference material kit contains the host strain S.typhimurium working culture ready to use and the reference bacteriophage MS2 to be used as positive control.

It can be used with the Enumeration of F-specific Coliphage (Advanced Kit Cat. No. BP1611, Complete Kit Cat. No. BP1612), the Enumeration of F-specific Coliphage in Drinking Water (Advanced Kit Cat. No. BP1614, Complete Kit Cat. No. BP1615), or for other analytic applications according to customer needs.

Content: 10 units host strain S.typhimurium and 10 units reference bacteriophage MS2.
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