Host strain for the enumeration of F-specific coliphages

(Usable with the ISO 10705-1 method)

Bacteriophage: F-specific Coliphages
Method: ISO 10705-1

This host strain has been designed for its use in the detection and enumeration of F-specific coliphages according to the ISO 10705-1 method. This reference material consists of the host strain S.typhimurium working culture ready to use.

It can be used with the Enumeration of F-specific Coliphage (Advanced Kit Cat. No. BP1611, Complete Kit Cat. No. BP1612), the Enumeration of F-specific Coliphage in Drinking Water (Advanced Kit Cat. No. BP1614, Complete Kit Cat. No. BP1615), or for other analytic applications according to customer needs.

Content: 20 units host strain S.typhimurium
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