Rapid kits

Our Bluephage Rapid Kit offers a brand-new method for the enumeration of coliphages and promises to revolutionise the way the world monitors water quality. The development of these Fast Kits is the culmination of decades of research and experience in the field of microbiology and as a result, has simplified, improved and reduced time for detection of coliphages. With the Somatic kit available NOW and the F-specific and Total kits due to drop by year’s end, Coliphage enumeration is in a better place than it has ever been.

The Bluephage Rapid Kit provides comparable results to both ISO and US-EPA methods whilst simplifying and speeding up the process to detect and enumerate coliphages, making it the closes possible technique to real-time monitoring. The speed of which this process can be completed is such that you could begin at the start of your workday and collect the results by the time you go home.


Time to result less than 6,5 hours


Detection of 1pfu/100 mL


Raw and treated wastewater, surface water, recreational water, shellfish extracts, sediments, and sludge extracts after dilution where necessary


Colorimetric results indicate presence/absence

Quantitave (soon available)


Somatic Coliphages

F-Specific Coliphages

Total Coliphages

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